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Every once in a while, I stumble across a random thingamajig. A gadget. A tool of some kind. Usually for my kitchen. And, more often than not, I’ll use it once – collapsible salad spinner, anyone? – and then store it.

Yesterday, however, I found something so awesome, so seemingly simple, so potentially genius (but potentially useless)… I had to buy ‘n try.

I’ve been heavily into pomegranates this fall. In salads, as a snack and especially in the morning. With pears, homemade granola and Greek yoghurt. Divine. And yeah, I’ve been buying them seeded. What kind of Philistine do you take me for? So I’ve been spending a bloody fortune rather than labour over seeds – and stains. These buggers end up everywhere. But not anymore…

Sometimes, written words simply aren’t enough. y’know?Certain things need to be seen to be believed. So….. check it out, my first VLOG!!!! Welcome to the future: The Mother Of All Mavens channel!!!

Welcome to the future: The Mother Of All Mavens channel!!!


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1 pritza { 11.10.12 at 10:09 pm }

unreal! love it – but I want to see the mother as well!

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