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There is a Silver Lining

Quick: what’s 0.20% of 50 million? What’s 0.10%?

Anybody? Anyone at all? Bueller?

Me, I haven’t a clue – math ain’t my forte. But this I know: it’s the difference between being in the finals of American Idol, and being kicked off. Just ask Elliott who, as of last night, is out of the running.

I almost missed last night’s one hour king-for-a-day extravaganza. The Network that airs the show chose The Amazing Race finale instead. Hello? Everyone knows AI is the Amazing Race. Luckily, I tracked it down before my PVR let me down (again). I even had friends calling in a panic, desperate for their Idol fix. Fox, people. It’s always on Fox.

And what an hour it was. The folks in AI’s editing suite had me thinking it really might be a boy-on-boy final. Taylor had a jam packed mall and the requisite parade. Elliott had people on skyscraper roofs and the requisite parade. Katherine had her high school gym. You call that McPheever? Puh-lease. But despite it all, the name behind score number three – Mr. Yamin

Cry me a river, you say? No problem. Elliott’s the never-a-dry-eye guy. His own and everybody else’s. He’s the one who made Paula break down in tears – more than once (it’s not just the drugs. Or whatever she’s “not on”). He’s the one who overcame it all – illness, deafness, those teeth – to get to the final three. He’s the modest counter-boy who adores his mother. And, of course, he’s the biggest weeper on primetime TV. Who wouldn’t cry for him E. Yamin-a? I would. Granted, I am one of AI’s more hormonal viewers, but Elliott? Even the pity vote couldn’t save him from getting the ax…And now he’s gone. But not forgotten…

Or is he? Let’s face it, unless you make the finals, you’re a bit of a no-hoper. We’re as likely to see Elliott climbing the music charts as, say, well, any of the other non-finalists of the past. Sure, some tread the boards for touring productions of B’way musicals but other than that, where are they now? Oh, I know – they’re in the audience at American Idol! That’s who goes to the taping—I mean—live shows. But now, Mr Yamin is yesterday’s news.

And then there were two.

My man predicted Kat would win from day one. The pipes, the looks blah blah blah. Me? I’m rooting for the Soul Patrol. The man who spent his day down home on an eating binge. While Kate was kissing babies and hugging high school football jocks, Taylor was chowing down on ribs. Who doesn’t love that? Sure, it’s a grey day now that Elliott’s gone.

A Grey Day indeed!


Anonymous said…

the main answer to missed shows and PVR conundrums is don’t watch Canadian! I know it is almost treason to not support our TV/film industry – but fuck it – if it ain’t good, I’m not watching. Plus Cdn networks are morons. How many times have they moved my favourite shows without saying a word – CTV is the biggest culprit of all! I just don’t watch on Canadian stations anymore – it’s that simple.

3:50 PM

Anonymous said…

I’m glad that creepy little hillbilly boy got the boot. His mother should have fixed his teeth.
The gray haired two stepping Taylor seems to be this side of goofy. I think Simon is right when he observed him to be like a ‘drunken Dad at a wedding’. There is no choice but the American sweetheart girl as much as a part of me wants to smack her.


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1 Margarito Eberts { 08.11.10 at 2:24 pm }

Her’s is a rags to riches story, but unfortunately, the media machine took her in, chewed her up and made her famous. All that without having the needed discipline learned from a stable environment. Poor little rich girl.

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