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Wednesday night brought with it a screening of “Starbuck”, a French Canadian film about a sperm donor who learns he’s fathered over 500 children. Watching the preview, I thought it could go either way. It looked pretty funny, but you never know how the humour translates, right? The seats in Roy Thompson are OK. At first. After several 4-hour-seating nights, I was beginning to get a bit antsy. And hungry. Movie corn and isagenix bars were taking their toll.

Instead of Roy Thompson Hall and this:

Patrick Huard, star of Starbuck

We hit the Thompson Hotel and this:

Wabora Sushi Fest

This was after starters of Summer Rolls (ish), Popcorn shrimp (nish) and a Tuna Tower (delish).

But back to the real festival. Next up was Joel Schumacher’s psychological thriller, “Trespass”. Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman play a couple whose home is invaded and….

And I don’t know. This was post-sushi. Pants felt too tight to sit down for 2 more hours. Feet were beginning to exhibit Post-Soy-Sauce Swelling Disorder. The flick will be in theatres any minute. We passed. But only after Nicolas Cage stopped by.

ALVA! There you are!

I’m a long-time fan. Valley Girl & Vampire’s Kiss are my faves. The desert series – Raising Arizona, Wild at Heart, Honeymoon in – and Leaving – Las Vegas… I even liked Face/Off and Con Air. We won’t mention the many less impressive films in his oeuvre. Despite cracking me up, he exudes such a sweet sweet sadness… I’ll always have a soft spot for Nic Cage. Or, after eating obnoxiously, several soft spots.



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