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The Finale

Everybody’s talkin’ about the young Mr. Hicks. The Grey Goose. The Silver Fox. The harmonica-totin’ whiskey tenor who kicked some serious Idol butt last night! What more can I say? Soul patrol rocked the house down. Or is that a contradiction in terms? Whatever. He did. His new force-fed single aside, the guy’s the bomb. Some people I know thought he was mentally challenged. But for real. I say all part of his charm, people, all part of his charm.

I think American Idol is the new Miss America – it’s just all the talent competition. Or maybe it’s Oscar Night. But less boring. Think about it: in Hollywoood, at the Kodak Theatre. Broadcast to 200 million people world-wide. It has the glitz, the glamour, the cheesy host with the cheesier jokes. Last night’s show even had the statues – or were they statuettes? Swap the songs for speeches and waddaya get? The Academy Awards. Guest stars, skits ‘n sketches, even a red carpet – Oscars. Minus the death montage. I wish they’d do a where-are-they-now segment. That’s a death montage in itself. Kind of.

Since pretty much anybody who’s anybody watched the damn thing (and if you didn’t, shame on you!) let’s just recap some of the finer moments, shall we?

Who could forget the quick shot of David Hasselhoff in the audience? Crying. Yup. Real tears. Runnin’ down his face…

Who can understand why they bothered giving those who already had their 15 minutes (or 15 seconds) of fame another shot? That freakazoid dancing guy? He scared me. That weird Clay Aiken guy? He scared me too. Pick a better idol friend. That Mr “I-swear-I’m-straight” Aiken? He scared me the most.

And what’s with Meatloaf’s aversion to touching? Didja notice? The red hankie thing? I kept waiting for him to wave it or throw it or wipe his brow with it. Or something. But he used it to touch McPheever. He held her hand, whilst holding the hankie. Was he afraid of picking up some germ? From her? Other way around, dirty boy, other way around.

I loved Elliott, as always. And his mother. And his duet with Mary J. Sure he lost his newfound confidence real quick. But that’s part of his charm. God bless him.

And Paris. Held her own with Al Jarreau.

Toni Braxton. Toni, Toni, Toni. I think she and Paula got together and shared a little tipple or popped a little somethin’ before the show.

I thought Chris and his twin from Live were kinda funny – funny, strange, not funny haha.

Does anybody remember the husky-voiced, dead-eyed girl? She was one of the first to go. What on earth was her name? I felt kinda badly for her.

Mandisa, Mandisa, Mandisa. Red and white. Not great colours for couches.

Burt Bacharach and Dione Warwick. What more can I say. There was something for EVERYONE.

And finally…PRINCE!! Now the show’s really got cred. And no intro or nothin’. My take is that they weren’t sure whether or not he’d show up. They probably had the finalists prepare a little fare-thee-well duet just in case. Thank god he showed. ‘Cuz he was HOT.

As you can tell, I don’t have much to write about today. Idol. It was on. It was hokey. It was sappy. It was long. And I loved it. And my PVR worked so I could fast-forward the commercials. So I really loved it. The phonelines and computers were buzzing today, friends. Yes, everybody called it: Taylor all the way. It looks to me like the bandwagon is jam-packed. Too bad show’s over. For now.

So you think you can dance? It starts tonight….


Anonymous said…

Long live the death montage! And since when did venerable songwriter Burt become a casino gaming table? Bachrach, MOAM, not Baccarat.

5:44 PM

Anonymous said…

there’s no bandwagon sister! I don’t even watch the show and I called it during auditions. Called Fantasia too – but who didn’t? Oh yah – you!!! Also, I turned for a second during a Lost commercial (we were too anxious to wait for the PVR) what is up with his dancing? I had no idea when I picked him that he couldn’t dance. And by the way, why was I not told Prince was on???!!!!!

5:53 PM

Mother of all Mavens said…

bachrach, bacharach, so many spellings…I even checked. Whatev LA, you know who I mean… I never put Baccarat!!!

6:09 PM

Anonymous said…

Wow, I look forward to everyday to read your BLOGS, keeep it up

9:06 PM

Anonymous said…

Clay Aiken is a frieky bitch. And that hair! Yea those two freiks was crazy, mang… the dancing one and the Clay Aiken wanna be. I felt my skin crawl with the Clay Aiken wanna be! He made me very nervous. Anyways… if we are really talking about the show having cred, etc… I would not have it ride so much on the fact that Prince was there, even though he is an enigma and perhaps the most ‘Popular’ of the bunch. He is an original in the sense that he morphed other people’s style into his own unique style, to make his own unique style… but he owes way too much to Clinton and Sly.

I think that the real cred belongs to Burt Bacharach, actually. And I wish more younger folks truly understood the importance of this songwriter. He does not write music for lounge singers and for people of a much older and conservative generation. His music and lyrics are timeless. Just put on some of his classic music song by Dion and close your eyes. His shit is as important as the Beatles, Dylan & Stevie… easily. His art transcends time and genre. He is just great, end of story! But it gets lost on the younger folks who just don’t get it. And I am not a younger folk but I do get it. It’s a shame.




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