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Why Blog?

Hola and welcome to my blog.

The one about anything. Everything. Whatever tickles my fancy. A new movie, an old book, those crazy yellow carrots they’re selling at my local market (and guess what? They really are sweeter than the orange ones). Whatever.

Here’s the thing you need to know about me (the first of many things): I’m a bit of a maven. Can one be only a bit of a maven? Scratch that, I’m a full blown, you-asked/I’ll-gladly-tell-maven. A know-it-all who likes to chat. About pretty much everything and anything. I have an opinion and I like nothing more than to share it. Over and over again.

And here’s something else you should know: people actually ask me about what I think. At least they used to. Back when I was a hotshot film industry exec (ok, an assistant to a hot shot movie director, but who really knows the difference anymore?) Yeah, back then I was in the know: great Parisian restaurants, hip London pubs, best gourmet food emporiums (imporia?) in Toronto, hottest beaches in Southeast Asia to meet Israeli boys… And so on. For better or for worse, those days are done. Sure I still know what I know, but now I’m at home with my baby boys, being a mom, trying to deal with identities old and new, pounds lost and found, and all the usual crises of self that we moms who used to be something other than mothers go through.

So you’re probably asking yourself (again): why blog? And my answer: because I can!

It really is the only sane thing to do. For myself, of course, but also my poor friends and family who have been forced into hours of therapy discussing, planning, undoing, laughing, whining and crying. On the phone and over coffee walks. In Weight Watchers and out for dinners. At the park and in the basement. And everywhere else in between. Mind you, it’s not like I’m about to stop calling them. God forbid! What else is a stay-at-home mom pretending to write her masterpiece supposed to do? Be a domestic goddess, the prefect mother, blab….

And now, blog.


ninepounddictator said…

Hey! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. It’s quite addictive isn’t it?
can I add you to my blogroll? I love the people I’ve met through blogging. Even though I’ve never met them in person, I feel like I know them, and I think about them…Weird huh?
Welcome, welcome welcome!



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