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Oh September….A time of beginnings and a time of endings. Of duking it out (over back-to-school and Jewish holidays), and making up (over back to school and Jewish holidays). Of new wardrobe changes and old wardrobe staples.

And movies. Lots and lots of movies. From the “serious” films that start coming back to festival after festival after festival.

But for audiences living in Toronto, only one thing matters: TIFF. And for me, it’s all about who’s in the Green Room.

Essentially a glorified waiting room, the Green Room is where the celebs and their peeps stop in to shmooze and grab a glass of liquid courage en route from red carpet to Gala stage. This year finds stale popcorn, ferrero roche truffles… and me!! That’s right, I’m flying high on famed photographer Rosemary Goldhar’s coattails. She’s the only photographer allowed into the hallowed space and I’m helping her out placing names and faces, pointing out who’s who and who is sooooo not.

And I’m staying for the movies.

Reviews of faces and flicks will follow over the next week….Enjoy!

The Opening Night Movie. And as Canadian as it gets: Hockey. Toronto. Terrible reviews.

I read one review claiming it was too gay to be for hockey fans, and not gay enough for musical lovers! Another called it one of the worst movies to open the festival in history.

I kinda liked it. What? I like hockey. I like musicals. It had “Glee Bandwagon” written all over it. And intentional, or not, I thought it was funny.

As for The Room….Had no clue. Luckily my old day-school friend (and now famous TV politico/author/whatever) Evan Solomon was there. Hadn’t seen him since university, but he’s the same: only much much taller and more connected. We did carpool reminiscing and some where-are they-nows, and he hooked me up by pointing out the people I should (and didn’t) know from newscasters – Ron McLean! George Stroumboulopoulos! Erm…Evan Solomon! – to government ministers – must I name them? – to actors. New faces, sort-of-familiar faces and… Olivia Newton-John. Oh, Sandy. Why-ai-ai-ai…Oh Sandy…


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1 Alison { 09.12.10 at 6:45 pm }

Can’t wait to hear the reviews!!

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