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I’ve been a little lax this year with my Green Room/TIFF coverage. It happens. But all is not lost, despite the fest finishing tonight. Here are a few more tidbits to get you though to TV season….


Mr. Redford came to town for this one and, unlike last year, he was in great form. Chatty, smiley, posing with everybody no problem. He cozied up to one long-term fan in particular:

She still sees him in his uniform….Memories…..(photo by MOAM!!)

Yep, the photographer was photographed. He may wear more makeup than her but when he looks into your eyes, you can’t help but hear the dulcet tones of Babs….mmmmm-mmmm…..Or so I’m told…

Thriller centering around ex-members of a domestic terrorist group. They’re living undercover, one gets caught, another is about to be busted. Apparently it’s not bad, tho’ no “Running on Empty” (one of my faves). I didn’t stay for the flick but have heard mixed things. You’ll have to judge for yourselves when (if?) it gets released.

A Royal Affair is a Danish period piece set in the 18th century. The true story of the Danish queen who, married to a somewhat bonkers King, falls for his physician. I absolutely adored this movie. Visually stunning, impeccably acted, it runs the emotional gamut between humour, clever politics and devastating romance. Definitely one to look out for.

Mads (lips!) Mikkelsen & Trine Dyrholm, the elegant stars.

Great Expectations was the highlight of my festival. Not because I’m a huge Dickens fan. I’m not. And not because Jeremy Irvine, playing Pip, is gorgeous. Nor is it because he was so sweet with his little brother who plays young Pip in the film.

The irvine Brothers who play Pip young and old(er)

And it’s not even because of Ralph Fiennes. Not anymore…



No, it was the highlight because the film’s director, the lovely and uber-talented Mike Newell, was in attendance. And if I sound partial, it’s because I am, having been the man’s right-hand for 5 years. So I love him and everything he does, no matter what. I’m loyal that way. Most of the time.

Reunited after 14 years. Best. Boss. Ever. (and…um…last boss ever…)

Final night was “Song for Marion”, a saccharine-sweet tear-jerker about a carmudgeonly man whose beloved wife is dying of cancer. She sings in a choir. he hates it. But in the end….You can guess the rest. This was one manipulative flick, vying for the senior audience. Did it work? Not for me. Will it do well? Probably. Terence Stamp was awesome. No good pics tho’….

Other movies came and went. As did meals in lieu of screenings! And while I cannot provide you with any more reviews, I can send you off with some final snaps:

“Inescapable” star Joshua Jackson with lady love Diane Kruger.

“Might’s Children” beauties Shriya Saran & Anita Majumdar

Cranky Lee Jones. Emperor.

Bob Duvall & BBob Thorton.

Penny Cruz

Mr. Penny Cruz.


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It’s taken me several days to get a handle on TIFF this year. Between back to school hectic-ness and life in general, I’m afraid TIFF has had to take a back seat for MOAM!

But fear not, loyal readers, I still have updates for you! Be warned – I’m having some technical difficulties and I can’t bloody edit the size of the pictures. But does size really matter? Maybe not…

And so, without further ado…


He was smiling on the inside….

Triple-threat Ben Afflek was happy in the green room, despite his photo face. As he should be, because his flick was fantastic. Set during the Iran Hostage crisis, it centers on a crazy scheme hatched by Afflek’s character to get 6 Yanks out of Iran. We know it ends well, but we don’t know how. Talk about edge of your seat – I was shaking (and not just because it’s freezing in Roy Thompson Hall)! Sometimes I fall into the TIFF trap of liking films just because of circumstances (a nice star, a world premiere, a cinematically-dry summer etc) but with the audience erupting into spontaneous applause and the crowd on its feet by the film’s end, I knew I wasn’t alone.

And neither was Ben! He brought his wife along – magnifique! And tiny – don’t let the tabloids (or her hem in this photo) fool you. She is not “every woman”. Not even close.

Beauty & The Bling!

Also there were Alan Arkin – not just cranky onscreen; Bryan Cranston – kinda hot; and gentleman John Goodman, who tipped the bartender serving him his free drinks. Love that!


After the anxiety thrill ride that was Argo came What Maisie Knew, a modern spin on the novel by Charles Dickens. A young girl watches her parents’ relationship disintegrate. No helicopter parenting here! A slice of a movie, ok to watch but not worth racing to the theaters – if it makes it that far. The sets were amazing – beautiful decor, fabulous clothes. Is it terrible that was jealous of a 6-year old’s outfits?

Speaking of outfits…

Va Va Va Voom!

Look at Julianne Moore. So stunning. 51 years old for f&ck’s sake. 3 kids. Obviously she didn’t spend much time in the sun. Must’ve been on the treadmill…In fact, I did eavesdrop on her convo – all about working out. Stars ARE just like us, discussing their workouts! Only I think theirs last a whole lot longer/are more effective…

The other star who showed up for the film was none other than….Alexander Skarsgard.

Team Eric??

He is one tall drink ‘o water. And very very thin. He was the nice Eric Northman, not the menace. It’s quite a challenge to be photographed next to a 6’5″, reed-thin giant. Photogenics aside, I felt like he might break. And so, despite his on-screen appeal, after many years as a loyal member of Team Eric, I’m back to Bad Bill.

Short but sweet…

Saturday night brought festival fave David O. Russell to Roy Thompson Hall to screen his film, Silver Linings Playbook. I. LOVED. IT. Brilliant in every way, this is a movie to fall in love with. It brought down the house. Legit standing O. Bradley Cooper plays a recently-released psycho ward inmate trying to get his life – and his wife – back. Robert De Niro plays his OCD bookie poppa and Jennifer Lawrence plays a new-found pal with issues of her own. Chris Tucker’s in there too. Not a lot, but enough to crack you up.

Chris Tucker – first flick inaaaaages. Good choice!

In the movie, Jennifer Lawrence reminded me a bit of Juliette Lewis. She was fantastic, and seemed (appropriately!) older than her 22 years. Live – looks like a teen. Gorgeous.

Nice face, shame about the dress…

Bradley Cooper? Hot. But wasn’t so into the posing for pics. Had a full-on gang with him and insisted on being snapped with them. Yup, he’s that guy. The real life version of Vince from Entourage.

Coop, cropped.

You know it’s a hot hit when other stars flock to the film. Ewan MacGregor was there. I blinked and I missed him. But also slipping under everyone’s radar were Sam Taylor Wood and Aaron Johnson. Love these two who, together, are the Taylor-Johnsons. Nobody gave them a passing glance. Except me.

Poster children for May-Dec set….LOVE!

By far the nicest guy in the room was Robert De Niro. He chatted. He hugged. He posed.

Channeling Santa in nature as well…

I look a wee bit frightened, perhaps I had Cape Fear in my head. When he hides on/under the car? Shudder….But he was lovely.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist was up next. But we had to give it a miss. We did however, manage to snap its co-stars Kiefer & Kate. Jack Bauer didn’t leave his mother’s side. We should all have sons like him.

Such a good boy….

I’ve never been a fan of Kate Hudson’s. Always thought she forced it and was trying to be her mom. But I’ve changed my tune. She was friendly and funny and totally sparkled. A real stunner.

Just had a baby. WTF?!

Here’s my favourite pic of the night:

Are they looking at baby pics? Or meals?


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Full on disclosure: this post is sorta sponsored.

A few weeks ago I was sent a care-package! How exciting!! It was packed with “CLIF CRUNCH” Granola Bars in a handful of flavours: Blueberry Crisp, Peanut Butter and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut. I was asked to sample them as a back-to-school snack.

Good news and bad news. Let’s save best for last.

First off, they’re full of nuts. So sending them to school would be quite the safe-snack transgression. And with so many children suffering from lethal allergies there’s no way I was rebelling and ignoring the “no nuts” food policies at our school. Believe me, there are puh-lenty of other…ahem… nutjobs who might, but I’m not one of them.

Secondly, they are very very crumbly. So eating them in the car was out. Too shmutzy and again, I’m not having any anaphylactic reactions on my watch if I can help it.

Doesn’t sound promising, does it?

I left them sitting on my kitchen counter and they were soon discovered by my 7 year old. He took a bite of the peanut butter one and introduced it to my 4 year old. Together the two of them ate their way through most of the samples, stopping only to offer their older brother a bite of blueberry. He wasn’t in, but I was. And guess what? It was pretty good. Didn’t have that “boo-berry” faux-taste. Instead, it was like a super crunchy oatmeal cookie. Meanwhile, my two kids devoured the nutty ones. I couldn’t believe it! I’m a baker and they’re used to, I think, the best homemade cookies and bars around. While they don’t turn their nose up at an Oreo or – sometimes – a bear paw, I’ve never managed to get them to eat anything remotely granola-bar-ish.

CLIF CRUNCH bars are made with 70% organic ingredients. They’re free of trans fats, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup and all kinds of artificial crap – colours, flavours, preservatives. At $4.99 for a box of 5 double bars, they’re not crazy pricey either. They can be found at most grocery stores in the natural aisle as well as many health food stores, making you feel super-righteous when you buy them.

As far as granola bars go, there waaaaay better than those old-skool nature valley ones. If allergies are a non-issue and you find yourself looking for a healthy-ish treat definitely give these babies a whirl.


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