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What Happens in Vegas? Manny Pacquiao.

Manny Pacquiao, Pride of the Philippines.....

Sin City. Lost Wages. The Entertainment Capital of the Worrrrld.

I’ve just returned from my maiden Vegas voyage and am already plotting ways to get back to that desert oasis. Yep, it could be an addiction. Garish, smoky, crowded and cheesey, I absolutely adored it. And I’m not even a gambler! I tried to be. I really did. Roulette, craps, blackjack and slots – gave each one a shot and lost, lost, lost and lost. I got on a bit of a…. ahem …roll at “Casino War” but my luck soon turned.

Did I care? No! Because Vegas is fantastic. Shopping, eating, checking out the human freakshows, both on stage (“O”) and in the streets (never seen so many surgesized racks). What’s not to love? And we went on a quiet weekend! Sure, I would’ve liked to have lounged poolside, but this was a special occasion getaway. Not only was it my man’s birthday, but we were there as VIP guests of renown photographer David Drebin as his incredible Manny Pacquiao book hit the stands (and the web!).

From the shops....

To the screen via Miss July...

To the toilets...The Book is everywhere!

Our all-access pass took us from the pre-party (Giovanni Ribisi! Jason Lee! Jeremy Piven!) to the floor (Mike Tyson! Magic Johnson! Too many basketball players to name! Or recognize!). Playboy playmates and Idol castoffs, Mexican Grammy winners and “Eye of the Tiger” Survivor singer, this show had it all. Plus Bill Compton.

Team Bill ('til Eric shows up)

The fight itself was somewhat lukewarm, but being there was hot!!!

Modern day Coliseum

I’d always liked Rocky (and, um Sugar Ray Leonard) but now I can honestly say I’m a fan of the bloodsport. Bring on the Boxing!!! Or at least, another trip to Vegas!!


EAT: We hit Milos for fine Greek (via Montreal) dining. Their octopus and stone crabs were divine, but their “Milos Special” (razor thin fried slivers of zuchinni and eggplant on a bed of tzaziki) were sublime. Their whole fish was, I thought, overrated, its consistency not unlike chewed gum. Eeeewwwww.

Breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi at (The?) Paris was hilarious. French signs, servers greeting us with “bonjour” and baguette served in paper bags. All we needed were some cyclists avec paniers to make the experience complete. Funny thing is, apparently they have ’em, but we didn’t spot any in Le Casino.

Wolfgang Puck – he’s not just for airports! The guy’s got spots all over the town. We headed over to MGM’s version post-fight for pizza and salads. Tasty.

Beso, Eva Longoria’s Latin Steakhouse, was recommended to us. We were hesitant. But it also happened to be attached to our hotel. So we went. And, despite the stacking of chairs and closing up rituals of the servers (while we were still eating!!) la comida está buena. As were the drinks – in particular their Skinny Colada (coconut vodka, pineapple juice, lime. Zoinks!)

The Buffet. You can’t go to Vegas and not sample their legendary hotel buffets. Or can you? We went once and loaded up on shrimp and bacon. The rest was, well, too buffet-ish. Still, had we known the all-you-can eat extravaganza was included with our daily rate we may have gone back to sample the breakfast pizza (for real) or the award-winning dessert.

I lied. We did sample the award-winning desserts at Jean-Phillippe Patisserie. Their cinnamon danish? Not. Normal. Mind you, the brown sugar coffee cake at the hotel beanery wasn’t too bad either!

Despite eating like piggies, we managed to squeeze ourselves into some new duds. For as much as Vegas is a gamblin’ town it really is all about the shopping.

My fave find was DNA 2050, located in the slick ‘n stylish Cosmopolitan Hotel. His ‘n hers, jeans ‘n tops with a side of footwear. Loved it. Shopped it. Bookmarked it. Also fell for Dutch cosmetic emporium Skins. See ya Sephora, this all-white, upscale product shop has stuff we’ve never seen – nor heard of!

But they was just the beginning. Forum Shops at Ceasar’s (where they really do have folks in Ancient Roman get ups announcing the arrival of the emperor! And Scoop NY!), Crystals for the hoitiest of toity (even the…um…adult shop, Kiki De Montparnasse was couture-ish), the Fashion Show Mall for weekend Runway shows and a myriad of department stores, Miracle Mile for more common finds, and of course the Outlets. It’s impossible to get to them all. But it can’t hurt to try!


View from (almost) the top of The Aria


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It’s been a while, I know, I know. It feels like I’ve been scrambling, trying to catch up. On my work. On my life. On my TV… And now that we’re well into the fall season I can safely ask: what are you watching?

Chez nous, I have to admit it’s taken this long for most of the newbies to stick. My man is (re)discovering the joys of Larry David, while I continue to channel my 16-year-old self with 90210. I’m still (somehow) getting in sucked in by Grey’s Anatomy, and getting scared shitless by Dexter. This season’s religious tableaux are freaking me out! And, is it me, or are Dexter and his ex-sisterwife never shot side by side? Think about it….Blue Bloods has become our go-to procedural, even though we recognize that it’s far from fabulous. But it’s Magnum all grown up so despite all the cheesy family bits I can’t delete him from our list. We’re waiting for 30 Rock, but Modern Family is still rocking our box. Sure, it started off a bit, um, off. But the repeat of the Halloween ep slayed me. Again. And then last week’s Cam-as-Straight-Guy? Hit it out of the park… As did Asian F Glee from several ballgames back: Dreamgirls, West Side AND Fame? Oh my!

But what of the newcomers? Let’s flip through, shall we?

X FACTOR: Yup, I’m in. Hook, line and s(t)inker. While some families have Games Nights, we have Simon Cowell Singing Competition Nights. From Idol to X Factor and back again, we can’t get enough! Am loving to hate it, and hating that I love it but what can I do? I’m watching for my children. Ish.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: This is the creepiest, trippiest show around. I’m not one for horror but this comes from the boys behind Nip/Tuck and Glee so I had to check it out. And now I can only watch it with my guy. S-s-s-s-scary!! Freaky neighbours, graphic murders and…um…rubber man?! YIKES!

UP ALL NIGHT: I didn’t want to like this show. Mostly out of jealousy (I’m an under-employed screenwriter/overworked mother, remember?!) But guess what? It works! Lorne Michaels-produces, and it stars lotsa funny folks (Will Arnett!!). Sure, it has its earnest moments (hello? It’s a show about new parents). But the laughs far outweigh the cringes. So far.

PRIME SUSPECT: Sorry, Maria Bello, but you’re no Helen Mirren. I was a major fan of the original Jane Tennison and so am trying to get into the Jane…um…Timoney version. Not as gripping as the orig, but not bad. It’s being PVR’d so it’s on… on probation.

What about all the shows I’m missing??

New: Enlightened / Boss / Homeland?
Used: Boardwalk Emp / Bored to Death / Good Wife?

Do tell – there’s plenty of room left on our PVR list and I’d love to fill ‘er up. And not with New Girl, Two Broke Girls or Stewardess Girl (PanAm). Tried. They all failed. What else is on?

Finally – for all you Summer Heights High lovers, get ready: “Angry Boys” is coming! “Angry Boys” is coming!



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