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Bye bye film fest. And hellooooo TV (PVR) Old, new, good, poo….There’s all sorts for all sorts during Premiere Week. Here’s a rundown on everything worth watching (and missing):

BOARDWALK EMPIRE: I’m in. So far. Feels like this has lots of potential. Lots of set-up, but am intrigued. I know everyone loves Steve Buscemi….I love Kelly MacDonald.

THE EVENT: Aliens? Mutants? Conspiracies? What the?!? I kinda liked the pilot. Nothing was as it seemed, it had that “24”-esque font/timeline thing, and it was all just so….trippy!! Trouble is, the ads are backfiring and making me NOT want to watch it. So pushy with the faux water-cooler intrigue talk. But I’ll give it a second chance.

GLEE: Great self-mocking doc at the start, good songs (A Chorus Line anytime) and – Coach Beiste! Not as perfect as its hype suggests, but with voices like these, who needs interesting story-lines and proper character development? Even when it’s bad, Glee is good. Besides, so many fancy guest stars can’t be wrong: Gwyneth! Javier Bardem! Carole Burnett! Erm…Brittney….

RUNNING WILDE: I tried, I really tried. But the visual of the neighbour on the mini horse aside, there wasn’t a lot to laugh at – or with – on this one. Will Arnett is a fave of mine, and I was looking forward to this show with the whole Arrested Development connection, but my smiles were forced. I’d like to blame it on opening night jitters, and might give it one mroe shot. Or not.

MODERN FAMILY: Now THAT’s funny. This show has me howling (and over-identifying) week after week. Even with repeats! This week was no exception. I know it can be a bit soft, but so what? Between Phil, Cam & Manny I dare you not to laugh. Out loud. Every time.

COUGAR TOWN: I tried watching last year. And hated it. I tried watching this year. And hated it.

30 ROCK – Again, fancy guest stars (Matt Damon!!!), clever writing, Alec Baldwin. LOVE. No catch ups required.

BLUE BLOODS – Friday night is a bit of a TV dead zone. But I had to pvr this one to see if Magnum’s still got it. Yep, Tom Selleck is baaaaack. Thought this was gonna be a family-style Law & Order (not in a good way) but the little plot twist near the end gave me something to think about. Will give it another shot. Or two.

90210 – Yes, I watch it. When my Man isn’t home.

GREY’S ANATOMY – ditto. They always grab you with their edge-of-your-seat endings (It’s George!) (Seattle Grace shooting spree!). And that’s it. Trouble is I’ve been watching since day one and I can’t tune out now! Especially since it’s the last season. OK, I made that up. But it should be.

DEXTER – Oooooh Dexter. Talk about endings!!!!! Again, no spoilers allowed for those watching on snail tv. Let’s just say I am thrilled to be rid of a certain simpering someone. This series, like its star (my new boyfriend), is aging well. Can they top last year’s John Lithgow-as-Trinity season? Am excited to find out…

Since I couldn’t possibly watch EVERYTHING (tho’ lord knows, I’ve tried – a girl’s gotta have a life, right?) I’ve brought my pal The TV Addict for some TV talk. He’s “an avowed TV-head, and what’s more, I’m old-school. Deep down, I still don’t think Fox is a network. Certainly not the CW (sorry Gossip Girl fans!). So I hold out hope for the new TV season each year….” He could go on and on and on. And does. And will. Right here, right now:

“…Right with you on B-Emp, ModFam, Glee, The Event (welcome back Carrie from ER, sans crutches!) and the Dexter. Sure, I’ll miss Trinity. But maybe Julia Stiles will finally live up to the hype that heralded her arrival so many years ago. And if you don’t think about the fact that in real life Dexter is banging his TV-sister, well, now you will. Sorry.

But wait, Tommy, there’s more at the door:

THE GOOD WIFE – of course this is CBS. It’s a good solid grown up show. Everyone needs one of those, otherwise what do we talk to our mothers about when the conversation grows thin? Welcome back Carol from ER, for season 2!

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES – Yes, it’s still on. No, it’s not as good now that Paige is gone (for you non-Knots’ers, that’s Nicolette Sheridan). Yes, Vanessa Williams is joining the cast. No, Felicity Huffman inexplicably has not left the show. Yes, it still makes me laugh at least once per episode.

THE WHOLE TRUTH – Welcome back Abby from ER, sans hair. We’ll be sorry to see you go. My verdict: Guilty. Of bad writing.

S**T MY DAD SAYS – Just stop after the first word in the title. Apologies, Denny Crane.

RAISING HOPE – This one actually did what the title promised. Quirky characters, with a My Name is Earl feel. And the eerily un-aged Martha Plimpton. Who somewhere along the way found her sense of humour. I clicked ‘all episodes’ for now.

HAWAII FIVE-O – The theme song! Jin from Lost! Boomer from Battlestar! (all those who scoff or question the Battlestar: Summer assignment: Rent the season and scoff no more). James Caan’s son! And a Jean Smart cameo! Oh, and the lead guy. There was action, witty repartee, beach bods, and the promise of digestible weekly episodes that don’t force you to think. It even had the jokey final scene where the main characters reflect and bond. Booked ’em on my PVR.

UNDERCOVERS – Haven’t watched it yet. In my head I’ve been calling it Blart to Blart. It’s got potential, and pretty people.

LONE STAR – Oh yes. The rich oil family infiltrated by the con-man son-in-law, trying to make things right with the small-town girlfriend and the neighbours he hustled before he decided to shift the grift. Jon Voigt as the oil baron patriarch is just as scary as he was on 24. This one is layered, seems smart, and has me coming back for more.

Still to come… NO ORDINARY FAMILY. I liked this when it was animated and called The Incredibles. I will not commish. (Cuz it stars Michael Chiklis from The Shield, who used to star on the Commish)

You missed it… HOT IN CLEVELAND. Jumping on the Betty bandwagon, this very old school sitcom starring the still-cute Valerie Bertinelli, the still-annoying Jane Leeves and the still “oh her” Wendie Malick was Golden Girls lite. Without the bite. Not so “hot”.

Now get those PVRs a-whirring. Don’t get back-logged because In Treatment, Big Love and Breaking Bad are coming back soon!”

PVR users: don’t forget “on this channel, anytime, any day”. No one likes to be cut off…


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And so it’s the final post from 2010’s Green Room. Fest doesn’t end until Saturday, but for many Jews it’s over. High Holidays strike again!

And speaking of Jews, both movies were very very Tribe-related. And yet couldn’t be more different.

First up, CASINO JACK.

True tale of “Superlobbyist” Jack Abramoff. Washington. Corruption. Greed. Politics….Yawn. Wake me when it’s over.

No, seriously, I wanted to be woken when it ended. I was exhausted. After bobble-heading (and possibly sleeping) for 30 minutes or so I woke up to find myself lost in a movie I cared nothing about. Not a thing. Apparently people enjoyed the film. I recognized an awesome performance from Kevin Spacey and a…less awesome one from the very strange looking Barry Pepper. His hair matched his skin. Weird. Maury Chaykin was excellent in one of his last roles. And John Luvitz was pretty funny. But I didn’t get the appeal of the film going in, and it remains a mystery coming out…

Green Room was chilled. Kelly Preston arrived, 7 months pregnant and 47 years old and gorgeous. And nice! We discussed November babies – her baby, a boy, is due end of November – and she was quite smiley. Pregnancy seems to be the great equalizer.

Pregnant in belly only.

Lots of actors from the film who I’d never seen before and may not recognize again. And Kevin Spacey. Charming and, dare I say, somewhat attractive.

Not bad, right?

I know, I know crazy, right? But he’s very smiley, wears his suit well, and looks better in person than on screen. Another strange, but true-ism.

Finally, my last festival film: SARAH’S KEY.

Based on one of the most devastating and amazing books and a personal fave (click here for a reminder) this was the film I was told to look out for before the festival began.

But first, the Green Room. It was a nervous group in there. Perhaps because there’s a lot of pressure to make such a beloved book’s transition to screen a good ‘un. Kristen Scott Thomas is quite the lady. Very regal looking, tho’ probably more a girl’s girl. Men I’ve spoken to her (ok, mine) find her a bit stark.

I should be so stark.

Aidan Quinn arrived next. EYES!!!

Demin. And beads.

Wasn’t so into his shirt: denim. Under a suit jacket. But it brought out those baby blues enough to make a grown woman (photographer) blush. And break into a sweat.

Film, as expected, was gut-wrenching. I don’t want to give away too much, but remember the premise of the book? Again, click here for refresher. Writer/director (who looked about 30) did a very sensitive, beautiful adaptation. He chose to make this less a typical “holocaust” film and more a story of identity and history – ie it’s just about the present-life story as it is about Sarah. The book, on the other hand, dwelled far more on the past. Some folks I spoke to didn’t give a rat’s ass about Kristen Scott Thomas’ character, Julia, or her issues. I guess the filmmaker felt that watching a harrowing, heartbreaking life for 2 hours would simply be too much too handle. As it was there were scenes of such emotional devastation that thinking of them now gets me welly.

There’s a very fine line when it comes to reading, hearing and watching these stories about the Holocaust. They’re grisly scenes from which it’s impossible to avert your eyes. I think the director gave us a break when he flashed forward. We got a chance to breath, to wipe our tears, and to brace ourselves for more. I loved the book. I loved the film. Bravo.


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You can tell the fest is winding down. At least, that’s how it felt at last night’s gala screenings. The Green Room was chilled for both pictures. Everyone who showed up was friendly and relaxed. A far cry from Bruce “Lock it Down” Springsteen on Tuesday. And the movies themselves…ish.

Peep World.

Bang Bang Club.

Both sound like adventures in porn, don’t they? And in a way, they are. One is named after a sexxx shop frequented by the film’s main character, while the other addresses the question of voyeurism within the realms of the combat photographer.

OK, so maybe it’s a bit of a stretch…

First up: PEEP WORLD.

This comedy comes peppered with an odd assortment of actors – tv stars, comedians, unknowns and Oscar nominees…. An ensemble piece about a dysfunctional family that’s about to become even more fractured when the youngest son writes a thinly veiled account of life with his father and siblings.

Sarah Silverman was first to arrive. Gorgeous in real life. And, as expected, pretty darn funny.

AND she carried a bag of candies on-stage. Who doesn't love her?

Next up, Taraji P. Hensen. Again – beautiful. Awesome dress, awesome toes, awesome ass. And will discuss any of those topics too! Plus she was wearing a ring pop. For real. And then there’s Dexter.

Can't do him justice


Let’s just say the screen does nothing for Michael C Hall. He was charming, funny, friendly. Love love and love. Can’t decide if I want him to be my new BFF (sorry, Matt). Or if I just want a free pass. Either way, it’s all about MC Hall.

And the flick? I expected cheese but was pleasantly surprised. Sure, I didn’t laugh quite as loudly as (ahem) the person sitting next to me, but it was actually pretty funny. It’s no Hangover, but it’s cute. The only trouble is it kinda ramps up…. and then ends. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I wanted more. MORE! The writer needed to go another round or two to enhance the relationships, tie up loose ends, and give the movie the ending it deserved. Too little, too late.


This was kind of the opposite – waaaaaay too much story jammed into one movie. Based on the true story of a group of South African war photographers, this one was all over the place. The ANC/Zulu conflict in South Africa. The eve of South Africa’s first fully-open elections. The responsibilities of photographers in combat zones. Race movie, buddy flick, love story… It was everything – and nothing… Which was disappointing – as were most of the accents on-screen.

In the Green Room, however, it was smiles all around. Local girl Malin Akerman celebrated the premiere of the film with her family and friends. She’s intensely beautiful. Almost other-worldly.

Alien or beauty queen?

Ryan Phillippe is taller – and less glum – than I remember. Smiley, pleasant, just happy to be there.

Cute face, shame about the hair.

The rest of the room was packed with South Africans and honorary South Africans. And the guy in the corner who was too hot to be crew, but too “solo” to be cast. And he was funny. Chatting about men in girdles, among other things. Finally, he admitted to being in the film, showing us how to spell his name by pointing the poster. Frank R-a-u-t-e-n-b-a-c-h. The only one who did a solid SA accent on screen. Local talent. There, not here. Shame.

Handsome Rautneblahblah


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I have seen the future of TIFF and its name is Bruce Springsteen.

Obviously I am not MOAM. I’m no Mother, but make no mistake: I am a Maven. It’s me, the special guest blogger – call me Mensch of all Mavens if you like.

The arrival of Bruuuuuce put the TIFF in a tizzy last night at the RTH. Intrepid photographers banned from the green room! Hallways cleared of fans and hangers-out & on. Michelle, the security guard, muttering expletives under her breath.

My Woman on the Inside, in grand Auntie Mame mode, got me and my sister (life-long Bruce fans, ok, fanatics) behind the velvet ropes and into the bowels of the Roy Thompson Hall. We weren’t expecting much – a glimpse, a handshake, a photo op. Denied. Such lock-down measures seemed fit for the President, but the Boss?

We did get ushered into front row seats, one row ahead of CTV’s Andria Case (Hey, MOAM name-drops. I’m just following the lead), and right next to a franco-reporter with way too much cologne on.

The screen showed us Bruce & Patti arriving on the red carpet. Maybe that’s why there were no photogs allowed in the green room. Patti does not look good in high def. (My sister was especially thrilled that she looks better than Bruce’s wife).

Though I’ve seen The Boss live in concert many times, I’d never been front row close. There he was: the rock star, the icon, the poet, and the SHORTY. Being of diminutive stature myself, I was thrilled. We’re not talking Prince pint-size, but we’re def talking “can’t reach the top shelf without a step ladder”.

The film, THE PROMISE: THE MAKING OF DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN was an amazing insight into the creative process. Not only singular to Bruce, but to the creative process in general. It’s hard to make art about making art (Sunday in the Park with Bruce?), but the movie succeeds.

Interesting: Bruce rarely looks at the camera in the modern-day interview sections. Maybe he’s camera-shy? Maybe it’s not just in the green room.

Don't look. Don't touch.


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A funny thing happened on the way to the Green Room….They stopped everyone from going inside. EVERYONE. No photos. No hangers on. No nothing. Why? Because the star of a documentary, here to do press for the film, about him, vanted to be alone. Not Brangelina. Not a Royal or any other visiting dignitary. Not Bill Gates. No, they closed the Green Room for…. Bruce Springsteen.

Huh? Isn’t he s’posed to be Mr Blue Collar Man o’ the People? Guess not. I don’t get it/him. He’s so not my Boss. To sit through a documentary about the making of Darkness of the Edge of Town? Was never gonna happen.

Let’s head into the Green Room – BEFORE the Springsteen lock down…


It’s the 60’s and the Cold War is in full swing. As are the Nazi-hunting operations of the Israeli Mossad. When 3 agents capture and kill the brutal and terrifying “Butcher of Birkenau” they become heroes…. But at what price? Movie is told in flashbacks where all is not as it seems… Lots of BOO! moments where you jump out of your seat. I always crack up with nervous laughter at those times, don’t you? Anyhoo, edge of your seat, espionage thriller. Not the best movie ever, but pretty good…

And in the room….Director John Madden who worked out of my office many many years ago while making Shakespeare in Love. While everyone in the place EXCEPT me worked on the film, he always went out of his way to be lovely. And he still is.

Ready for my close-up, Mr Madden...

Israeli actress Romi Aboulafia is a huge star back home in the Holy Land and was giving my mother pointers on where to go and what to eat when she heads over. Helen Mirren is as awesome as you’d expect. Speaks many languages, does all kinds of accents and is a real lady. Very professional. Looks fabulous and is fabulous. And then there was Sam Worthington. Had we been playing my favourite game of “Actor or Agent” I would’ve lost. Short? Check. Scruffy? Check. Not speaking to others in film? Check. Sounds like an agent, right? Wrong. His Aussie accent gave him away to me – but only because I knew he was in the film. Screen presence through the roof but live? Nothing. Perhaps he didn’t want to be there? Shoulda called Springsteen….

Close your eyes and you'll miss the MOAM photobomber in the middle!


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It’s not Live. Nor is it Monday. But I’m losing track. And getting sleeeeeepy. But better late than never. Right? RIGHT??

Here goes…

First up: POTICHE, which is Francais for Trophy Wife. Set in the late 70’s, Catherine Deneuve plays a bored housewife who must take over the family umbrella business – HER family – when striking workers cause her husband’s collapse. With a little help from her ex-lover, Commie MP Gerard Depardieu, she gets the place back on its feet – and then some. But old-skool hubby gets angry when he returns to find himself the trophy husband. Antics ensue in this wacky screwball comedy.

Did I mention it was French?

The folks behind me were screaming with laughter. I was not. The first half was cringe-worthy pour moi. But the second half came to life. Kitty D was very good – and very brave. She’s playing a woman practically. Her. Own. Age. So props to her for doing so. That said – in the Green Room….well, I can’t really say. She breezed in, asked for sparkling water (“Oh? You have nothing but Perrier? Than Diet Coke”) and left to smoke. C’est tout.

Ms Deneuve

And then there’s Black Swan.

Intense….and beyond.

But let’s talk Green Room.

First in? Winona. Who doesn’t love her, despite all her shenanigans? She’s a nervous little thing. And…erm….quirky. She’s one of those you feel you know personally. And guess what? She thinks she knows you right back!! I had to reassure her that she had every right to be there for photo ops. Yeah, that’ right. Me. Reassuring Her. We then moved on to the topics of “eye boogers” (her words), sweaty pits, and the perils of turning 40 (she’s 38). I told her by rubbing the fabric together, the white marks from deodorant will disappear. And with those parting words she made her way over to RIM’s head honcho to debate the merits of iPhone vs Blackberry. Cuckoo. Loved her.

Imposter Syndrome Ryder & Monsieur Charming

And then they rolled on in…

Barbara Hershey? Big entourage but very pleasant. Vincent Cassell? Hot. And went out of his way to say goodbye apres le film. Charmed I’m sure! Rachel Weisz? Too thin and looked anemic. Ed Norton? Very attractive in real life. Never woulda thunk. Woody Harrleson? Makes no bones about his stoner tendencies. And you could tell. Emmaunelle Chriqui. Who? (Sloane from Entourage)

And then there was Natalie….


Ms Portman was truly breathtaking – in the film and in the flesh. Her people, however, were less so. Yes, this is her movie. Yes, she owned it in every way. And yes, it’s sure to propel her to the next tier. But y’all probably know that already. I don’t really need to add to the hype this baby’s getting. Good for her. Good for Darren Aaronofsky. and super good for the writer. Who’s all of 30 years old. It’s not for everyone, but it’s extraordinary. The music, the ballet, the dark-dark-darkness. And the performances. Especially NP’s. Still…she came in with a slew of press peeps, publicity pukes and secret service-types. C’mon. She’s not Julia Roberts.



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Am finding it hard to remember what day it is. My kids haven’t had school since last Wednesday morning. It’s felt like a weekend ever since (erm…and not necessarily in a good way)….But on to the movies….

The Great White North Hope. Methinks it probably should’ve opened the fest…And would’ve but for Rosh Hashana falling so early. Jew-ish film, high holy day-night does not a good combo make. Well it kinda does, but that’s another blog. Anyhoo…. As you may know the adaptation of Mordecai Richler’s beloved novel won a prize at Venice last week. The Golden Lion. Cub. That’s right. Chosen by kids. Don’t ask. I don’t know the answer. Moving on….
Some great moments in the movie. Paul Giamatti as un-PC Barney is already being touted as an Oscar contender, Rosamund Pike is wonderful as Miriam, his dream woman and Minnie Driver is brilliant as his second wife, nailing the Montreal accent and stealing every scene she’s in. The over 50-crowd LOVED this one. I liked it. In retrospect I like it less, but I’ll live in the moment and just say I enjoyed it, despite being a little too episodic and emotionally fleeting (Barney and Miriam aside).

Oooooh the room. Again, lots of tall beautiful actresses. And Scott Speedman. Funny how the actors are always punes and the leading ladies practically giants. And not just from the heels. Anyhoo….Minnie Driver is posing constantly, whether she realizes it or not (and she’s an actor, so she must). Hand on the hip at all times, aware that eyes are upon her, she’s ready for her close-up anytime, anyplace thank you. And yet….she’s funny. She laughs (big and loud). We like her. Rosamund Pike is breathtaking. Much more so in person than on-screen. Porcelain skin. Can’t imagine she spends much time in the sun…

This erotic thriller is a Korean remake of another Korean film from the 60’s. The Green Room had a handful of folks in there – mostly because the principals are superstars back home in Korea but here not so much. Jeon Do Youn was the lead actress and was very nervous that she was overdressed. Aside from that, it felt like there were a bunch of teens in the room, aping and mugging for the cameras – their own. I kinda loved them.

And so we stayed for the movie – despite alternative plans. And I’m glad we did. Rich husband cheats on his pregnant-with-twins wife with the housemaid. And then all hell breaks loose. Very dark. And by the end very twisted. This flick was good but mostly was so stylish it killed me. The fireplace! The tea cups! The light fixtures! I’ve never seen such a house. And the clothes!! From the maternity dresses to the footwear to the fur-accented coats, every piece was more magnificent than the next. And don’t even get me started on the meticulously prepared trays of breakfasts, wine and cheese platters and dinner plates. There were some pretty steamy sex scenes in there too, some verging on pornographic – WITH sound effects!!! I’m sure many folks left the theatre turned on and horny as hell…I just wanted to re-decorate my house….


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Two actors-turned-directors. One, a legend. The other? Not sure yet. It was a night of a thousand movie stars – and something for everyone! From old school classics to tween starlets, the joint was jumping.

First up was this Historical Courtroom Drama by Robert Redford. Set at the end of the Civil War it tells the story of the only woman accused of conspiring with John Wilkes Booth to assassinate Abe Lincoln. If you know your history, there’s no spoiler issue for you. But I was quite shocked by the outcome (US history wasn’t my specialty). Liked, didn’t love. Felt like an episode of The Practice or Boston Legal. Without quirks.

The room was filled with a lot of youngish, actorly types. Think they all may have been in the movie but you can never really tell who’s the actor, who’s the agent and who’s the wanna be. I look for dishevelled hair/hats, scruff or casual footwear on the boys, and abnormally large heads and OTT outfits on the girls. But the ladies in question, Alexis Bledel and Robin Wright, were nothing short of gorgeous. Especially Ms Wright. Still looks exactly the same as her Princess Buttercup days, and happy to boot. As for the gents…all were somewhat underwhelming, and even a bit girlie! Bob Redford (what? Everyone called him Bob) looked a bit womanly. From the feathered hair to the mom-jeans. But I don’t think he really cared. And wee James MacAvoy was sweet and petit. On-screen he smolders, but off? Just a nice young kid. Kevin Kline was very tall and borderline dashing, and – surprise of the night? Justin Long. Normally I find him annoying. But he took it in stride when I told my mother (a great Apple fan) that he was the Mac guy. And then leaned in for a photoshoot. So now he’s my best friend.

Mac Guy 'n Me

MAC Avoy 'n Me

And speaking of Best Friends….
Y’know how I think Matty Damon and I would be tight, given the chance? Guess who showed up to cheer on his real-life BFF??


That’s right!!! And although we aren’t super-tight yet, it’s a start.

All the stars seem to know each other. Rachele Lefevre who ditched Twilight for Barney’s Version was there, as were dimpled actor Greg Kinnear and Precious director Lee Daniels. Jennifer Garner came to support her hubby – magnificent. The whole cast showed up too. Ladies Rebecca Hall and Blake Lively, both of whom towered over almost everyone. I couldn’t get that song from Vicki Christina Barceloooona outta my head. Chris Cooper, Jeremy Renner, star and director Ben Afflek (very nervous, poor guy) and John Hamm. Sit DOWN Ladies. Mind you, he may have the edge on Clive Owen for most Handsome. Very very butch. When he stepped out? Yikes!! One woman actually rushed the stage with some sort of sign, ready to rumble with anyone who stood between her and her man. Kinda weird.

Film was awesome. Edge of the seat. Violent. Tense tense tense. Comes out this weekend so no need for me to rehash the plot. You’ll see it, you’ll love it……

Tall Townies Slouching

2 Boys and a Man


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For me, Friday night was ladies night. Sisters, WAGS, and miscellaneous chicitas ruled the room. Lots of industry-looking men around, gloomy and snooty, while their female counterparts enjoyed every minute of it. They smiled, they were friendly, and they seemed to be genuinely having a good time… whoever they were.

Brilliant, Brilliant and Brilliant.
You’ll read the reviews and see the nominations/awards pile up. Spontaneous standing ovation. Feeling ferklempt on behalf of the writer, in tears at the reaction to his film. Fabulous storytelling, spectacular dialogue and incredible performances will speak for themselves when you see this. Which you will.

As for The Room….Assorted nervous producers and behind-the-scenes folks milled about. British and nervous and polite. Colin Firth was there with his wife, Livia, and I have to say, she was breathtaking. In and out. Didn’t hurt that she’s a friend-of-a-friend, but she was so smiley and lovely and friendly. Lots of the ladies wanted to hate her bc she was married to Col. Impossible. He’s the one who scored there. That said, he’s far more attractive in real life, and reeeeeeally knows how to wear a suit. Call it the Tom Ford affect or whatever… it’s working…. And then there was the seemingly shell-shocked Geoffrey Rush. He may have hung on to his character in Shine. Just a bit.

Geoffrey Rush

Mr & Mrs Col Firth

Let’s start with the room. The director is David Schwimmer. It was all I could do to not call out “Ross!”… He was there with his magnificent girlfriend and lovely sister. Who doesn’t love that? It was a real family affair as the producers, their kids and their families all piled into the room. Again, lots of cranky Hollywood types. Not sure what they have to be so moody about….Star of the movie was Clive Owen. Swoon… Clive Owen!? Not. Normal. The man is ridiculously handsome. No one could look at him. His publicist wouldn’t let him be photographed, but then, on his own, he obliged. And then there was Catherine Keener… You know when you think you could be friends with a movie star? I’ve always thought Matt Damon and I would be pals if we met under the right circumstances. For real. Anyhoo, I love Catherine Keener. Feel like she could be my sister from another mister. And I told her. I couldn’t help it!! And she couldn’t have been nicer. And now I kind of feel like we’re friends. Or were. For about 6 minutes.

The flick. TRUST. This had made-for-tv written all over it. Except for the cast: Clive Owen, Catherine Keener, and most of all the young and supremely talented Liana Liberato. A family is shattered after the 14-year old daughter has a sexual encounter with a man at least 20 years her senior, who’s been posing as a teen in an internet chat room. Given the subject matter, it’s pretty devastating whether you’re a parent or not. Intense, emotional, raw. With a side of creepy. Hope it finds a distributor as subject matter is challenging.

Handsome Clive Owen

Catherine Keener with her fake sister, yours truly

Catherine Keener and Fake Sister MOAM


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Oh September….A time of beginnings and a time of endings. Of duking it out (over back-to-school and Jewish holidays), and making up (over back to school and Jewish holidays). Of new wardrobe changes and old wardrobe staples.

And movies. Lots and lots of movies. From the “serious” films that start coming back to festival after festival after festival.

But for audiences living in Toronto, only one thing matters: TIFF. And for me, it’s all about who’s in the Green Room.

Essentially a glorified waiting room, the Green Room is where the celebs and their peeps stop in to shmooze and grab a glass of liquid courage en route from red carpet to Gala stage. This year finds stale popcorn, ferrero roche truffles… and me!! That’s right, I’m flying high on famed photographer Rosemary Goldhar’s coattails. She’s the only photographer allowed into the hallowed space and I’m helping her out placing names and faces, pointing out who’s who and who is sooooo not.

And I’m staying for the movies.

Reviews of faces and flicks will follow over the next week….Enjoy!

The Opening Night Movie. And as Canadian as it gets: Hockey. Toronto. Terrible reviews.

I read one review claiming it was too gay to be for hockey fans, and not gay enough for musical lovers! Another called it one of the worst movies to open the festival in history.

I kinda liked it. What? I like hockey. I like musicals. It had “Glee Bandwagon” written all over it. And intentional, or not, I thought it was funny.

As for The Room….Had no clue. Luckily my old day-school friend (and now famous TV politico/author/whatever) Evan Solomon was there. Hadn’t seen him since university, but he’s the same: only much much taller and more connected. We did carpool reminiscing and some where-are they-nows, and he hooked me up by pointing out the people I should (and didn’t) know from newscasters – Ron McLean! George Stroumboulopoulos! Erm…Evan Solomon! – to government ministers – must I name them? – to actors. New faces, sort-of-familiar faces and… Olivia Newton-John. Oh, Sandy. Why-ai-ai-ai…Oh Sandy…


September 12, 2010   1 Comment