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TIFF 2014 – Live from the Green Room

More like….Previously Recorded in the Green Room…
But better late than never, right? RIGHT?



First up: The Judge.

Opening night movie. Starring the awesomely talented Robert Downey Jr. Guess what? Robert Downey Jr. was fabulous. Because he always is. Because he’s Robert Downey Jr. And he’s kind of perfect. Ladies of a certain age (OK, mine) go nuts for this guy. And who wouldn’t?!?

Who doesn't love this face?! Even beside a disused lightswitch

Who doesn’t love this face?! Disused lightswitch photobomb be damned!

The movie? Not as nuts for that…There were some moments, to be sure, but it tried to be too many things to too many folks. I could’ve done without the courtroom action. Because taken as a family drama, The Judge was tender and touching and all those good things. But, alas, it’s billed as a courtroom drama. And while the performances were terrific the movie itself, sadly, was not.

Crazy cute couple.

Crazy cute couple.

Kristin Bell was there, supporting her man Dax Shepard. He was friendly, she was funny, they’re fantastic.

Vera Farmiga = Ageless!

Vera Farmiga = Ageless!

Friday night: Boychoir.

Prepubescent boys. Singing in a choir. Ree ree ree!!!

Choirleader Dustin Hoffman

Choirleader Dustin Hoffman

Some of you may know that I find the voices of soprano children singers to be amongst the world’s creepiest things. There’s something very Nazi-ish for me. Or Exorcist-y. The thought of those high voices singing in Latin or German or even in English…In a church……yikes!! However, Boychoir was about an 11-yr old boy, and I’m the mom of an 11-year-old boy, so….


Leo takes tiff!

What a thrill!

Movie-wise, the idea that these young singers are given the gift of a stunning classical voice that one day disappears is an intriguing one. Too bad that wasn’t the main crux of the plot. We’ve seen this story before. Duelling voices. Raw talent vs polished. Nothing groundbreaking. But the voices!!! Stunning! Forget about the movie, it’s the extraordinary voices. Astonishing. Mesmerizing. Not even remotely creepy.

(But hearing them without seeing their faces? Still gives me the wrong kind of chills.)

My boy and Artie...I mean Kevin McHale

My boy and Artie…I mean Kevin McHale

My mother, meanwhile, was thrilled too. Not just because her grandson was with her. But because of this:

Sweet Home Alabama Super-fan

Sweet Home Alabama Super-fan

Who knew?

Next up was Ruth & Alex, starring Diane Keaton and Morgan Freeman. We gave it a miss. But not before THIS happened:

leo morgan

I had no clue that my kid was such a colossal Morgan Freeman fan. Oh, but he is! He spotted MF before anyone else. Pointed him out. Knew his flicks. And proceeded to chat it up with his new-found friend. Big time. While Mr Freeman was somewhat glacial to the gen pop in the green room, with my kid he was a total super star!

That really was the peak of my short-lived TIFF time. We bailed on Saturday night, returning for Sunday night’s World Premiere, This is Where I leave you.

Deep breath….

I was disappointed. People loved it, I know, I know. Words were exchanged, on Facebook and off. In the streets and on the phone. It’s hard to adapt a beloved book from page to screen. And kudos to Jonathan Tropper for trying his best with his own brilliant book. Yeah, there were laughs. And the performances were terrific, but overall it kinda left me cold. Seeing it at TIFF, cast in tow, tends to lower the bar. I held this one up to high high standards so was bound to be disappointed. Cute. Not great.

BUT the ladies!!! Oh, the ladies in this flick. Tina Fey? Trying to figure out how to close a bag of candies into her tiny clutch made me love her even more.

She's smart. She's funny. She looked great. AND she eats. LOVE!

She’s smart. She’s funny. She looked great. AND she eats. LOVE!

Connie Britton? Wow wow and wow! She is spec-tac-u-lar. And not just because I love Nashville (it’s true! I do!). She was completely charming. And look at her! She’s 47. Forty-f&cking-seven!!!!


Girl crush alert!

And then there’s Jane Fonda. A dame who works it. Works it well. She looked unreal. Ummmm… She probably is but it doesn’t matter because she totally pulls it off and looks gorgeous. When she walked in, she gave my mother the most magnificent bear hug! And then proceeded to walk right past her. So strange, yet so amusing…

b.1937 WTF???

b.1937 WTF???

The last film of the night was The Equalizer. Yeah – THAT Equalizer! I was a huge fan of the ’80’s TV series. I may have been too tired to stick around for the flick version but I was awake enough to check him out:

Hi Denzel!

Hi Denzel!

Aaaaad, this is where I leave you (I couldn’t resist). Too many kids + too many sports + Back-to-school = logistical nightmare. So this year’s TIFF green room goss is short. But hopefully sweet.

Happy tiff to all.
All but me.
Go team go!


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It’s taken me several days to get a handle on TIFF this year. Between back to school hectic-ness and life in general, I’m afraid TIFF has had to take a back seat for MOAM!

But fear not, loyal readers, I still have updates for you! Be warned – I’m having some technical difficulties and I can’t bloody edit the size of the pictures. But does size really matter? Maybe not…

And so, without further ado…


He was smiling on the inside….

Triple-threat Ben Afflek was happy in the green room, despite his photo face. As he should be, because his flick was fantastic. Set during the Iran Hostage crisis, it centers on a crazy scheme hatched by Afflek’s character to get 6 Yanks out of Iran. We know it ends well, but we don’t know how. Talk about edge of your seat – I was shaking (and not just because it’s freezing in Roy Thompson Hall)! Sometimes I fall into the TIFF trap of liking films just because of circumstances (a nice star, a world premiere, a cinematically-dry summer etc) but with the audience erupting into spontaneous applause and the crowd on its feet by the film’s end, I knew I wasn’t alone.

And neither was Ben! He brought his wife along – magnifique! And tiny – don’t let the tabloids (or her hem in this photo) fool you. She is not “every woman”. Not even close.

Beauty & The Bling!

Also there were Alan Arkin – not just cranky onscreen; Bryan Cranston – kinda hot; and gentleman John Goodman, who tipped the bartender serving him his free drinks. Love that!


After the anxiety thrill ride that was Argo came What Maisie Knew, a modern spin on the novel by Charles Dickens. A young girl watches her parents’ relationship disintegrate. No helicopter parenting here! A slice of a movie, ok to watch but not worth racing to the theaters – if it makes it that far. The sets were amazing – beautiful decor, fabulous clothes. Is it terrible that was jealous of a 6-year old’s outfits?

Speaking of outfits…

Va Va Va Voom!

Look at Julianne Moore. So stunning. 51 years old for f&ck’s sake. 3 kids. Obviously she didn’t spend much time in the sun. Must’ve been on the treadmill…In fact, I did eavesdrop on her convo – all about working out. Stars ARE just like us, discussing their workouts! Only I think theirs last a whole lot longer/are more effective…

The other star who showed up for the film was none other than….Alexander Skarsgard.

Team Eric??

He is one tall drink ‘o water. And very very thin. He was the nice Eric Northman, not the menace. It’s quite a challenge to be photographed next to a 6’5″, reed-thin giant. Photogenics aside, I felt like he might break. And so, despite his on-screen appeal, after many years as a loyal member of Team Eric, I’m back to Bad Bill.

Short but sweet…

Saturday night brought festival fave David O. Russell to Roy Thompson Hall to screen his film, Silver Linings Playbook. I. LOVED. IT. Brilliant in every way, this is a movie to fall in love with. It brought down the house. Legit standing O. Bradley Cooper plays a recently-released psycho ward inmate trying to get his life – and his wife – back. Robert De Niro plays his OCD bookie poppa and Jennifer Lawrence plays a new-found pal with issues of her own. Chris Tucker’s in there too. Not a lot, but enough to crack you up.

Chris Tucker – first flick inaaaaages. Good choice!

In the movie, Jennifer Lawrence reminded me a bit of Juliette Lewis. She was fantastic, and seemed (appropriately!) older than her 22 years. Live – looks like a teen. Gorgeous.

Nice face, shame about the dress…

Bradley Cooper? Hot. But wasn’t so into the posing for pics. Had a full-on gang with him and insisted on being snapped with them. Yup, he’s that guy. The real life version of Vince from Entourage.

Coop, cropped.

You know it’s a hot hit when other stars flock to the film. Ewan MacGregor was there. I blinked and I missed him. But also slipping under everyone’s radar were Sam Taylor Wood and Aaron Johnson. Love these two who, together, are the Taylor-Johnsons. Nobody gave them a passing glance. Except me.

Poster children for May-Dec set….LOVE!

By far the nicest guy in the room was Robert De Niro. He chatted. He hugged. He posed.

Channeling Santa in nature as well…

I look a wee bit frightened, perhaps I had Cape Fear in my head. When he hides on/under the car? Shudder….But he was lovely.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist was up next. But we had to give it a miss. We did however, manage to snap its co-stars Kiefer & Kate. Jack Bauer didn’t leave his mother’s side. We should all have sons like him.

Such a good boy….

I’ve never been a fan of Kate Hudson’s. Always thought she forced it and was trying to be her mom. But I’ve changed my tune. She was friendly and funny and totally sparkled. A real stunner.

Just had a baby. WTF?!

Here’s my favourite pic of the night:

Are they looking at baby pics? Or meals?


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It’s been a while, I know, I know. It feels like I’ve been scrambling, trying to catch up. On my work. On my life. On my TV… And now that we’re well into the fall season I can safely ask: what are you watching?

Chez nous, I have to admit it’s taken this long for most of the newbies to stick. My man is (re)discovering the joys of Larry David, while I continue to channel my 16-year-old self with 90210. I’m still (somehow) getting in sucked in by Grey’s Anatomy, and getting scared shitless by Dexter. This season’s religious tableaux are freaking me out! And, is it me, or are Dexter and his ex-sisterwife never shot side by side? Think about it….Blue Bloods has become our go-to procedural, even though we recognize that it’s far from fabulous. But it’s Magnum all grown up so despite all the cheesy family bits I can’t delete him from our list. We’re waiting for 30 Rock, but Modern Family is still rocking our box. Sure, it started off a bit, um, off. But the repeat of the Halloween ep slayed me. Again. And then last week’s Cam-as-Straight-Guy? Hit it out of the park… As did Asian F Glee from several ballgames back: Dreamgirls, West Side AND Fame? Oh my!

But what of the newcomers? Let’s flip through, shall we?

X FACTOR: Yup, I’m in. Hook, line and s(t)inker. While some families have Games Nights, we have Simon Cowell Singing Competition Nights. From Idol to X Factor and back again, we can’t get enough! Am loving to hate it, and hating that I love it but what can I do? I’m watching for my children. Ish.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: This is the creepiest, trippiest show around. I’m not one for horror but this comes from the boys behind Nip/Tuck and Glee so I had to check it out. And now I can only watch it with my guy. S-s-s-s-scary!! Freaky neighbours, graphic murders and…um…rubber man?! YIKES!

UP ALL NIGHT: I didn’t want to like this show. Mostly out of jealousy (I’m an under-employed screenwriter/overworked mother, remember?!) But guess what? It works! Lorne Michaels-produces, and it stars lotsa funny folks (Will Arnett!!). Sure, it has its earnest moments (hello? It’s a show about new parents). But the laughs far outweigh the cringes. So far.

PRIME SUSPECT: Sorry, Maria Bello, but you’re no Helen Mirren. I was a major fan of the original Jane Tennison and so am trying to get into the Jane…um…Timoney version. Not as gripping as the orig, but not bad. It’s being PVR’d so it’s on… on probation.

What about all the shows I’m missing??

New: Enlightened / Boss / Homeland?
Used: Boardwalk Emp / Bored to Death / Good Wife?

Do tell – there’s plenty of room left on our PVR list and I’d love to fill ‘er up. And not with New Girl, Two Broke Girls or Stewardess Girl (PanAm). Tried. They all failed. What else is on?

Finally – for all you Summer Heights High lovers, get ready: “Angry Boys” is coming! “Angry Boys” is coming!



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In with a bang, and out with a whimper…That’s how I’d describe my TIFF experience this year. At the start is was all jacked-up, testosterone- fuelled machismo. Next, came lighter lady fare and, finally, quiet and clever understated films. At least the ones I saw!!

I skipped out on Thursday night’s screening of Franco-film “A Happy Event” – which is a real shame. It’s about all the happiness and joy having a baby brings – except of course, when it doesn’t. According to those who were there (ie not me), it was moving and awesome and a must-see movie for those with (or wanting) children. That was followed, in an odd programming move, by “Hysteria” – the one about the invention of the vibrator! Apparently, it too was, um, a pleasure.

What I did see, however, was “The Awakening” a bone-chilling ghost story that had my mother nearly crapping her drawers! We’d heard it was a terrifying gothic thriller. It was. We arrived thinking there was no way we’d be sitting through anything remotely frightening – until we heard the director, Nick Murphy, speak. Charming and funny, he made us want to see his film. And guess what? Despite – or maybe because of – our reluctance, we both loved it. Great performances all-round, especially by Rebecca Hall and the little boy from Game of Thrones (Isaac Hempstead Wright). The whole thing was super smart, atmospheric, and creepy in all the right ways, “The Awakening” is definitely one not to be missed.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona....now it's stuck in your head too!

Next up was Jennifer Hudson as “Winnie” (Winnie Mandela, that is). I couldn’t wait to see JHud. In my mind, I discovered her years ago on Idol when (again, in my head) I cast her as Effie in Dreamgirls. She’s also my Weight Watchers hero. And a no show. Grrrr. But handsome Terence Howard worked the room quite nicely, dazzling everyone in his path….

No baby wipes here...

Despite being denounced by Winnie Mandela herself, people I know who saw it, liked it. Personally, I haven’t a clue. Gutted by Ms. Hudson’s absence, the maven left the building.

Finally, the closing night. It’s a well-known secret among film goers that the final gala film is usually a dud. In this case, a British (gasp) television movie was selected to close out the fest. Written and directed by (Sir) David Hare it’s a veritable who’s who of UK cinema: Bill Nighy, Michael Gambon and Rachel Weisz star, with appearances by Ralph Fiennes, Ewan Bremner and Judy Davis (Aussie….but close enough). This time, it was a spy flick!!

Don't let the pursed lips fool you...HILARIOUS...and on film, mysterious....

In “Page 8”, espionage and intrigue reign supreme as a secret file threatens to take down Her Majesty’s government. My Man and my Mom loved it. Thought it was gripping and smart with a cool, jazz-hand soundtrack. I, on the other hand, was so consumed fending off a carb-coma that I got lost somewhere on the wet grey streets of London….Useless (me, not the film).

All in all, good times had by all….HUGE thanks to photographer extraordinaire, Rosemary Goldhar. If you think these pics were good, you should see her REAL work….

For now, it’s ta-ta, TIFF….And hellooo fall TV….. Are your PVR’s ready?!


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Wednesday night brought with it a screening of “Starbuck”, a French Canadian film about a sperm donor who learns he’s fathered over 500 children. Watching the preview, I thought it could go either way. It looked pretty funny, but you never know how the humour translates, right? The seats in Roy Thompson are OK. At first. After several 4-hour-seating nights, I was beginning to get a bit antsy. And hungry. Movie corn and isagenix bars were taking their toll.

Instead of Roy Thompson Hall and this:

Patrick Huard, star of Starbuck

We hit the Thompson Hotel and this:

Wabora Sushi Fest

This was after starters of Summer Rolls (ish), Popcorn shrimp (nish) and a Tuna Tower (delish).

But back to the real festival. Next up was Joel Schumacher’s psychological thriller, “Trespass”. Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman play a couple whose home is invaded and….

And I don’t know. This was post-sushi. Pants felt too tight to sit down for 2 more hours. Feet were beginning to exhibit Post-Soy-Sauce Swelling Disorder. The flick will be in theatres any minute. We passed. But only after Nicolas Cage stopped by.

ALVA! There you are!

I’m a long-time fan. Valley Girl & Vampire’s Kiss are my faves. The desert series – Raising Arizona, Wild at Heart, Honeymoon in – and Leaving – Las Vegas… I even liked Face/Off and Con Air. We won’t mention the many less impressive films in his oeuvre. Despite cracking me up, he exudes such a sweet sweet sadness… I’ll always have a soft spot for Nic Cage. Or, after eating obnoxiously, several soft spots.


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How do you top Brangelina/Clooney/U2 Friday?

With Canadiana Saturday.

First up, David Cronenberg’s “A Dangerous Method”. Everything about the movie was beautiful. From the cast to the sets to the magnificent antiques. Each scene gave us time to itemize the silver (that roll top! The match holder! The stemware!) and covet the costumes. Because this flick was slo-o-o-o-w. Michael Fassbinder was mesmerizing. And absent. Kiera Knightly, Viggo Mortensen and newbie beauty Sarah Gadon all showed up. It was, needless to say, a great looking green room with those 3 in it. Even if no one likes to smile for the camera.

Ooooh Viggo. So handsome.

Skinny stunner

In keeping with the Canadian vibe, it was a subdued, quiet room. For the most part.

Vigo and newcomer Sarah Gadon caught in a rare moment of levity

Next up was local darling Sarah Polley’s “Take This Waltz”. This is her follow up to the acclaimed “Away from Her” and she was quite nervous. But very cute, doing what every lady in the room was dying to do (no, not stalk Viggo!). She – ahem – waltzed in and kicked off her shoes.

Happy feet, happy girl.

As she headed off to calm her nerves and practise her speech, the movie’s stars filed in. Some of them.

Funny people.

I really liked this movie – tho’ heard a couple of philistines bashing it as they hit the streets. A very sensitive and astute story, it centres around a young married woman (Michelle Williams – not here) who falls for her (very hot) neighbour (Luke Kirby).

Smoldered on the big screen.

Just when we thought the story was over, it kept going. And going. And going. Interesting journeys with room for interpretation. The kind of flick you want to discuss afterwards. At least the ladies will. Except for one particularly sexy, fully clothed scene which you’ll probably want to think about privately.

Finally, who shows up to support his main man Seth? Why, Jonah Hill of course. Are they the newer, younger (leaner) Matt ‘n Ben? Not sure. But I have a newfound affection for Jonah Hill. It’s not like my “we’d be friends” connection with Matt Damon – I really do think we’d be friends. This one is more like, not really maternal, but like a concerned Auntie. First off, he introduced himself. As if I didn’t know who he was. And second, when I gushed over his performance – what? he was really really good in Moneyball! – and acknowledged that not many comedians can make that trek over to “serious actor” territory, he welled. Honest to goodness welling! Maybe he’s good at improv. Or maybe he’s just a sweetie. I’m hoping for the second.

Feeling like an Amazon with wee Jonah Hill


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The Toronto Int’l Film Fest is baaaaaack. As am I, loud ‘n proud in the Roy Thompson Hall Gala Green room. Last year was awesome, lots of star-spotting, photo-bombing and good times had by all…What will this year bring?

So far, not much.

Except, maybe this:

Yes, those are cake pops

The U2 doc, “From the Sky Down” was being screened, both at RTH and at the Elgin Theatre. And 2 of the 4 lads from Dublin were on hand to work the red carpet. And the stage. At both venues, no less. But, alas, no sneak peeks inside the green room. They preferred to be where the streets have no name (I can’t help it) with the gen pop. And I kinda love them for it. They’d rather shake hands and sign pics than stand for photo ops with ministers and sponsors. Bravo! Also, to be honest, I wasn’t that bothered since Larry was a no show. It meant I could relax without fear of passing out. Or, um, throwing myself at him like a lunatic teeny bopper. See, I’ve had an unrealistic fan-girl crush on drummer boy Larry Mullen Jr for as long as I can remember. If he showed his face in the green room, I don’t know if I could keep it together. And by “it” I mean both my composure and my marriage!

Top of my Allowable-Adultery List.


Anyhoo, it was Bono and The Edge who came, saw and conquered Toronto. And don’t let the earnestness fool you – Bono is funny! “Watching this film is like finding out what’s inside a sausage. Once you know, you don’t want to eat it”. Granted, he used the same line at both venues but what the hell – he’s Bono, right?

Funny Front Man

The movie itself was interesting. Anyone looking for sensation won’t find it in this film. Instead of being too up-close and personal, it’s all about the artistic process: a thoughtful portrait of the band as they make “Achtung Baby” when – apparently- they almost broke up. To be honest, I didn’t really get a sense of urgency, nor did I feel that they were truly on the brink of break up. But I enjoyed it because I grew up with them. Loved’ em then, and love ’em now. Do I feel like we know them better after seeing the movie? Absolutely not. But throw in some old skool tunes and video footage and you can’t go wrong. I think it’s a musicians’ movie. Or my mother’s – she knows nothing of the band but loved it. And was rewarded with hugs and kisses from Bono. While I was stuck waiting by the car. With Edge.

His friends call him Edge. No "The".

OK. Not really with him. But with the cars. And the bodyguards. And the other screaming fans. Who actually got autographs….


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Simon who?

Idol has moved on. Onwards and, dare I say, upwards?

That’s right, sports fans, I have fully embraced the new Idol. Sacrilege? Nope, if you’ve watched at all thus far, you’ll know it ain’t. Surprising, right? Like the rest of TV land, I was skeptical on hearing of Simon Cowell’s departure. There was even talk in our house of tuning out entirely. Until now, the show was all about Mr. Cowell. Sans Simon’s acerbic wit and nasty/funny comments, we’d have to focus on- gasp – the contestants.


Out with Simon and in with…Steve-I-Mean-Steven Tyler? Token girl trade from Paula to Cara to…. JLo? What kind of crazy were they speaking over at Fox? Sure the Dawg was still there and while being good for some lingo ‘n smiles, he was hardly the big ticket draw, y’know?

Still, we decided to give ‘er a try. Even if it meant we’d laugh at instead of with before tuning into our regular scheduled PVR programming.

With yellow tickets being offered up like nits at a pre-school, we were disgusted. And yet there was something so…watchable…about the whole thing. Steven Tyler was funny. And charismatic. And kind. Jennifer Lopez was sweet. And generous. And kind. And Randy was constructive. And charming. And kind.

Was this the dawning of a kinder, gentler Idol? It seemed to be. And so we went from waiting for bleeps while ogling JLo’s hair and skin, to investing in the contestants. Such stories!! Welling…OK, weeping… became de riguer. It’s quite a trip from Will Hung, Bush Babies and “Pants on the Ground” to death, depression and disease. Yeah, they went there.

Caregivers, overdoses and refugees. Autism, accidents, and arson. All-singin’, no-dancin’ movie-of-the-weeks. It was relentless.

And it was riveting.

Hollywood week came and went. And a funny thing happened on the way to the Kodak. We got hooked. Again. Then came last week’s jumbotronic extendo-cull, where 24 contestants were mercilessly whittled down to 13. Gone was ginger Geddy Lee lookalike and hugger-extraordinaire Bret. Sent packing was sweet, hamish Robbie Rosen. Karma bit group-night nasties Jordan and Clint in the butt as they got the boot. And overrated ab-man Jovanni was unceremoniously dumped after being given a cringe-worthy second chance.

For the ladies it came down to traders – a couple of hotties, a pair with big hair, and a handful of generic blondes. Lots of doubling up in the girl camp with few standouts. This year it’s all about the boys. White-toothed Paul, Stefano “Tribbiani” and Country – yep, country – Scottie all ranked. Best of all, our family favourites James, Jacob and Casey made it through.

That’s right, family favourites. Some clans have game night. Or pizza night. We have Idol.

And you can too! It’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon of Season 10! Go, Casey, Go!


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In case you hadn’t noticed – or had been living under a rock – it’s been a very Pink month. From staplers to mushrooms to cat food – it’s all about raising breast cancer awareness. Hell – even the NFL got in on the pink action. I happened to look up from my Words with Friends the other day and noticed something decidedly un-butch about the players. Every one of ’em sported a little something pink: cleats, helmets, a little stripe here ‘n there…All in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

That’s right kids – October’s not just for Halloween anymore!

So maybe you’ve already run, biked or walked for the cure. Or you’ve spun, spa’d or bought a pink ribbon. Good for you. Every a-thon counts.

Question is: have you voted??

Amid all the October awareness is a film festival getting ready for November.

Breast Fest.

And no, it’s not a porn-a-thon. Now in it’s third year, Breast Fest is brought to you by the geniuses at Rethink Breast Cancer. This weekend-long film festival is dedicated to raising breast cancer awareness using films, workshops and panelists.

For the next few days, you have a chance to be a film critic, a festival programmer and a boobie bigwhig. Click here to watch and vote in the Breast Fest Short Film Competition.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cry some more. You’ll find yourself with you hands down your shirts – or down the shirts of those you love – copping a feel, checking things out. Most of all, you’ll stop and think beyond the pink.

And then, hopefully, you’ll vote. You’ve got three votes so use ’em or lose ’em as the whole shebang is over at midnight on the 15th.


How’s that for awareness??


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Geek Chic

One of the casualties of TIFF is that when it’s over I have to catch up on my regular movies. And yet, I always end up somewhat movied-out. And then I panic. All the movies that come out during the film festival are often gone by the time I want to see them.

So it was with great pleasure that I managed to catch not one, but two flicks in the past week. One set in high school, one set in university (ish). One an homage to 80’s teen flicks and one very NOW. And both made me incredibly grateful that I’m no longer a student.

But back to the movies.

First, The Facebook.

Did you know it was called THE Facebook first? At least Aaron Sorkin made me believe that. His apparently-far-from-the-truth script, with David Fincher’s direction, was snap-snap-snappy. Everything a movie in the golden-digi age of twitter/facebook (groupon?) should be. Fast. And, like said age, gone in the blink of an eye. Or the click of a mouse. Or whatever: the was one fast-paced flick.

As one wise friend so succinctly said: it’s too soon. And it is. We’re still IN the age of Facebook. While the youth of today may have already moved on (or at least the most technically-savvy of ’em) the rest of us are still figuring out how to stalk people and find friends and fans. We may not be wasting quite as much time as we did at first. But then again, we might be.

Still, it’s kinda cool that some young geek who didn’t care about the money is the world’s youngest billionaire. And that he screwed his best friend over in the process. And boy-yoy-yoing there were a whole lotta lawsuits going on. But I wasn’t as interested in the boardroom table talk as the interaction with the characters. Maybe I’m being nitpicky. Jesse Eisenberg, who usually bugs me, was very intense and despite playing Mark Zukerberg with a bit of an Aspergerian slant (according to one of my pals), he was on fire. As was Andrew Garfield – felt sick for him the entire time. Even Justin Timberlake rose to the occasion – and he’s usually the kiss of death in movies. But is it THE movie of the year? Pas pour moi… But it’s definitely the dialogue of the year. Both within the movie itself, and the conversations about it….

MOAM Likes The Social Network.

Easy A, on the hand?


Yeah, I know, it’s a totally different kind of flick. So what?

Maybe it’s a love of John Hughes (RIP), or maybe it’s because it feels like the screenwriter here was writing this baby for all of us who were actually 16 when 16 Candles came out (yes, I’m dating myself. No, not in that way) This is one teen flick that was sooo totally not just for teens. Emma Stone pulls off what everybody else thought Ellen Page did in Juno: she’s quirky, foul-mouthed, sharp as hell. Only in this case, I bought it.

After inadvertently starting a rumour that she’d lost her virginity, Olive (Ms Stone) finds herself at the mercy of nasty god-squad highschoolers – while saving her fellow outcasts by letting everybody think that they’re getting a piece of her too. Of course things spiral out of control. There are many inspired-by-80’s-flicks moments here, including a kick-ass montage of the J-Hughes Boy Hotties, and I couldn’t get enough of ’em. And get this – the parents/teachers/authority figures in the flick? Laugh-out-loud funny!!

Also – Penn Badgley. Who knew? Re-owwww.

Of course you’ll all go see The Social Network. But don’t forget about Easy A. It’s like the little movie that could – but may be out of theaters any day now to free up more space for The Social Network… about the little geek that did.

Students these days….Geniuses, cyber-bullies, scammers, sexters… A far, far cry from St Elmo’s Fire and The breakfast Club…..


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